• Financial coaching guides and supports you to achieve your goals.

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How does Coaching Help?

I help my clients by empowering them with the knowledge, tools, and skills they need to successfully manage their finances. 

I am not a financial advisor.  Advisors help their clients with investments, retirement planning, insurance services, etc.  I work with many great advisors, but we help in different ways.

I help my clients get from where they've been to where they want to be with their day to day and long-term money decisions.

Is Coaching For You?

You are tired of unexpected bills or reaching the end of the month and wondering what happened.

You'd like to be better prepared for a Financial Emergency.

You feel overwhelmed, scattered, or disorganized with your finances.  You know there must be a better way.

You own or just started a business and wonder how your business and personal finances should relate.

You know you should save more for retirement, college, or other savings goal, but how will that fit into your budget?

Your finances are okay, but you know there is more you could be doing and you're not.

Or you're experiencing something else not listed here...

Let's talk and see if coaching is right for you!

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Benefits of Coaching

Of course, there is a significant dollars and cents benefit of coaching.  (Your bank account will thank you!)

However, that is often overshadowed by the positive impact on things harder to measure:

Confidence & Clarity
Family Life
Time for More Important Things
Opportunities to Give
Peace of Mind

Get Started with The RightCourse

The RightCourse is the initial coaching program, designed to point the way to your financial destination.  We'll work together on applying the fundamentals of financial success to your particular situation.  With the RightCourse, you'll get the clarity and confidence to manage your finances better, the information to make good decisions, and a customized Financial Action Plan to put it all into practice.

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The Four Fundamentals of Financial Success

These four principles form the foundation of my coaching.  We work together as we apply these principles to your particular situation, guide you to action, and set you on the course to financial success.


The first step in gaining control of your finances is to know what you have and what you owe.  We'll work together to clarify your current financial situation - accounts, debts, income, expenses, etc.  You'll feel better about your finances simply because you'll know what's going on.


We'll put a strategy in place to organize and streamline the various aspects of your financial life.  You'll not only know what you have (and what you owe), but you'll know where it all is!


We'll work together to form a detailed plan tailored to your particular situation.  Effective planning is crucial to managing your money successfully.  When you plan for your money, you put it to work for you (instead of the other way around!).  You'll finally be able to enjoy some much needed peace of mind.


If you've ever tried to get on your finances on track by yourself before, you know there's no lack of information out there.  More information isn't the solution.  The number one reason people hire a financial coach is the action plan.  We'll put the action steps together you need to get on the right course and walk with you through the process.  You'll not only know what to do, but you'll have someone to help you get it done.

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